Steel Fabricating Detailing

A Steel Detailer interprets architectural and structural engineering drawings to gain a thorough working knowledge the overall design intent of a building or structure. Using this translated information he then produces an altogether different set of clear, unequivocal and accurate drawings for the purpose of steelwork fabrication.

S E C D Technical Services LLC offer a fast and efficient Steel Fabrication Drawing & Design service to a wide range of customers including Steel Fabricators and Structural Engineers. Utilising latest 3D modelling software and error-proof quality control systems, we provide high quality drawings within client-specified time.

Our service packages include design fabrication drawings, design calculations for all type of steel joint connections and material lists. Parts and assemblies can be detailed and toleranced completely. Being a full Consulting Engineering practice we can also provide a complete design package including Planning applications, Building Regulation applications, Outline scheme proposals and 3D models, Structural Design and fabrication detailing, Road and drainage designs.

All drawings are generated from a comprehensive 3D model which can be viewed on-line through our dedicated project server and can be interrogated in house to find part marks, component numbers etc which can reduce the amount of 2D drawing details required and provide a much greater visualization of the project during fabrication and erection.

At S E C D Technical Services LLC we have highly qualified drafters that utilize the latest CAD technology to its best potential to produce a comprehensive range of fabrication drawings for commercial, industrial, and residential structures. We are able to draft column connection to foundation with base plate details, along with other connection details, such as riveted, welded or bolted connections. In addition, we can lay out connection details for moment resisting or ordinary moment resisting frames.

A steel detailer plays a tremendous role in the overall project progress. The detailer must be familiar with regulations and guidelines from all aspects of construction. A good detailer can make even the most complex project very feasible for any fabricator. At S E C D Technical Services LLC Steel Detail, we let our track record do the boasting. 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. Although our rates are not the lowest around, our customers know what to expect each time they choose us as their detailing firm for those "delicate" or "tougher" projects. We'd like the opportunity to impress your company.

If you’re looking for an excellent company to provide you with quality fabrication drawings for your project you should look no further than S E C D Technical Services LLC. For more information, please Contact Us today.