Structural Engineering Services

S E C D Technical Services LLC is a leading UAE based organization providing Structural Engineering Services to clients around the world. Structural Engineering is a branch mainly focusing on the design, analysis, construction, and maintenance of the structures. And it demands a Deputation of Structural Engineer to create a perfect balance between the demands of constructability, sustainability, budget, and schedule. To accomplish this, our company deploys a dedicated team of structural consultants and structural engineer. We aim at providing high-quality design solutions for commercial, residential, institutional and industrial projects through our Structural Consultancy Services. A Building Structural Engineer at our organization takes care of overall designing requirements from structural safety to its aesthetic building. With the main base in Dubai, a building structural engineer at our firm is well aware of the structural standards and codes prevailing here and they incorporate it into the project for providing a higher strength and stability. We strive to achieve a higher client satisfaction compared to our contemporaries while keeping in mind their exact needs for a project.

A reliable construction is the outcome of only a thorough Structural Design and Structural Analysis. To bridge the design-construction gap, it is unavoidable to carry out Structural Design Analysis. S E C D Technical Services LLC offers a variety of service including a sound analysis to determine the exact condition and geometry of the structure. This ultimately forms a foundation for its safe and stable construction. We aim at mitigating the design risks by providing accurate structural building design details from experts who are well knowledgeable and experienced to handle such crucial details. Pertaining to this area, our company’s core strength lies in:

  • Performing Structural Design Analysis
  • Generating Structural Design Report
  • Accurate Structural Design Calculations and
  • Generating Structural Design Calculation Report

A well-built structure is the one that can resist forces acting on it, may it be external or internal. It must be strong enough to withstand stress applied by heavy loads. A building structural engineer at our company aims at providing reliable Structural Load Analysis and Structural Load Calculation to bear dead loads (which includes its own weight), live loads (of people, furniture, and other accessories), wind load, earthquake load, thermal loads and many more on the list. Our solutions aim at generating precise load calculation for building design. The professionals at our company are adaptable to use newest software and technology available in the field like BIM and 3D modeling to carry out accurate building load calculation. This gives an added benefit of error-free Structural Calculations Report.

In today's modern world, steel structures like bridges, skyscrapers, industrial buildings, and towers are heavily constructed as steel offers strength, beauty, and design freedom to architects. Our company shows versatility in providing design services for such structures as well. For steel structures, we offer accurate building steel calculation to make sure it gains the required strength to stand strong without any deflection.

S E C D Technical Services LLC has served several clients with its structural engineering services leaving them happy and satisfied. Contact us today to avail brilliance of our services.