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ABOUT S E C D Technical Services LLC

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S E C D Technical Services LLC is a leading company based in UAE, Dubai which is engaged in providing all sorts of CAD Design Engineering Services like Architectural Engineering Services, Structural Engineering Services, HVAC Engineering Services, Mechanical Engineering Services, Electrical Engineering Services, Building Information Modeling Services, Point Cloud Services, 3D Walkthrough Animation Services. With years of rich experience and best understanding of this field.


  • Architectural Engineering Sharjah Architectural Engineering

    Architectural engineers concentrate on the designing parts of structures; they design the Structural frameworks, the mechanical frameworks, and the lighting and electrical frameworks of buildings, while handling the difficulties identified with dealing with the development process

  • Structural Engineering Abu Dhabi Structural Engineering

    Structural Engineering - a strength within of the field of building - concentrates on the system of structures, and on designing those structures to withstand the anxieties and weights of their surroundings and stay protected, steady and secure all through their utilization

  • BIM Dubai Building Information Modeling

    Building Information Modeling (BIM), however it is basically the methods by which everybody can comprehend a building through the utilization of an advanced model. Modeling a benefit in computerized structure empowers the individuals who collaborate with the building to streamline their activities, bringing about a more prominent entire life esteem for the advantage.

  • Electrical Engineering Sharjah Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering is concerned with design, development, research, installation, manufacture, operation, support and administration of equipments, plant and frameworks inside of the electrical, electronic, correspondence and computer system areas

  • Green Building Abu Dhabi Green Building

    A Green Building incorporates outline, development and operational practices that essentially decrease or take out its negative effect on the earth and its inhabitants. Building green is a chance to utilize assets proficiently while making more advantageous situations for individuals to live and work in.

  • Shop Drawing Services Dubai Shop Drawing

    Shop Drawings as outlines, timetables, drawings, and different sorts of information arranged particularly by a wholesaler, supplier, maker, subcontractor, or contractual worker to demonstrate some part of the work.

  • Plumbing Piping Engineering Sharjah Plumbing / Piping Engineering

    Offers its significant customers/clients with its pipes assessing administrations, plumbing evaluating administrations, piping/plumbing drawings for the compelling utilization of your organization's prosperity. With a specific end goal to expand the plumbing/piping advantages framework, the development piping administrations are a certain methods for that.

  • Civil Engineering Abu Dhabi Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering is apparently the most oldest building control. It manages the manufactured environment. The constructed envirAonment includes a lot of what defines advanced development. Structures and bridges are regularly the first constructions that come to mind, as they are the most prominent manifestations of basic designing, one of structural building's real sub-disciplines.

  • 3D Animation Walkthrough Dubai 3D Animation Walkthrough

    3D Walkthrough Animation or you can 3D graphics can make hyper-sensible models and situations that assist you with passing on your thoughts or ideas in unique, innovative and artistic way. This is one of those mediums, which not just has a tremendous effect on the stylish delights, additionally is likewise savvy and less tedious.


WHY S E C D Technical Services LLC

Our team of expert professionals offers high quality CAD designing and engineering services, which meet the exact demands of our valued clients. These CAD Engineering Services are offered by us at industry leading prices. We provide a highly skilled, knowledgable and experienced, 2D drafting and 3D Modeling tools and visualization techniques. We have the capacity to proffer quick, dependable and reliable service exclusive of giving-up the high quality of our good work. The key to our accomplishments is cooperating with our customers to encourage their business sector and, services so they can devour additional time on what they specialize in.

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